SSL : What is it?

Just what is SSL?

SSL (and TLS) is a Web standard for encrypting data communications between users and SSL (secure sockets layer) websites. SSL connection is protected by encryption, a way that esaily prevents checking and tampering with any transmitted data.

Customers know when they have an SSL session with a website when their browser displays the little gold padlock and the address bar begins with a https:// rather than http:// SSL certificates can be used on any package purchased from 600Host, UK.

Web Site Creator : What package is best?

At 600ost we offer you 3 packages which would basically just depend on your websites requirements e.g. a business site to sell products online than our ecommerce package is ideal with customer forums and business blogs backed with a fully customized shoppnig cart service.

However if you just need a presonal or a simple website than our lower basic packages are ideal.

Please check our web site creator packages here.